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Front 9 (South Course)

  • Hole 1
    Par 4 (399 yards)

    A strong starting hole. Members find this light dogleg left hole challenging.  Drives to the right side of the fairway may catch the mounds and bounce forward for extra yards. But aiming too far right will bring rough and trees into play. The hole requires a precise second shot to a green that is slightly mounded at the front. A poorly struck approach may not run up to the green and will catch the mound to finish in the bunker. In the 2017 CPWO, this hole played the second highest over par on the entire course.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.202
    • Toughness Ranking # 2
  • Hole 2
    Par 4 (337 yards)

    No. 2 is the shortest par 4 on the course. But don’t be deceived by the hole’s length. The hole plays uphill with several bunkers that cross the fairway at 220 yards. Players are wise to lay up short of these to have a full shot into a green that slopes from front to back. A second shot to the middle of the green will give the player a good opportunity for birdie.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.863
    • Toughness Ranking # 15
  • Hole 3
    Par 4 (414 yards)

    The drive on this long hole is often played to the left-center of the fairway, avoiding the deep bunker on the right. From there, a mid-iron may be played, but it is important to avoid the bunkers in front of the green and the two on the right. Members are pleased to make par and move on.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.166
    • Toughness Ranking # 7
  • Hole 4
    Par 4 (393 yards)

    A drive to the left-center of the fairway is required to avoid the large, majestic tree and the bunker on the right side. The second shot is to a raised putting surface that offers its share of challenges, as any shot slightly short will roll back in front of the green leaving a tough chip to save par. Members have learned to shoot for the center of the green to ensure an easier par.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.180
    • Toughness Ranking # 4
  • Hole 5
    Par 3 (179 yards)

    The longest Par 3 on the course.  It features a sloping green with a large run-off area on the left front of the green. With a kidney-shaped green, a pin placed in the back left brings a challenging bunker into play. A tee shot played to the center of the green is the smart shot. In the 2017 CPWO, this hole played the highest over par on the entire course.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.255
    • Toughness Ranking # 1
  • Hole 6
    Par 5 (547 yards)

    The longest Par 5 on the course. An accurate drive is needed to avoid the large pond on the right and a fairway that slopes left that pushes errant tee shots into a row of cedar trees. Longer drivers of the ball will attempt to carry the pond to set up a second shot that could reach the green. A layup to a third shot is a wise choice to avoid the many bunkers that protect this long, narrow green. Selecting the right strategy will provide a good chance at birdie.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 5.058
    • Toughness Ranking # 12
  • Hole 7
    Par 4 (426 yards)

    The longest par 4 on the course and the most difficult stroke hole for members. A long drive is required on this hole which must stay left of three deep bunkers on the right-hand side. The fairway slopes sharply to the left which will collect many drives into the rough. A green protected by two bunkers on the left and mounds on the right, require the player to hit a very long, precise second shot. A par is a great score on this hole.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.186
    • Toughness Ranking # 3
  • Hole 8
    Par 3 (163 yards)

    This par 3 requires an accurate long iron tee shot to a narrow green. Bunkers surround this green on all sides. The green slopes left at the front and right at the back providing many challenging pin positions. Members are happy to take a par on this hole and run to number nine!

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.058
    • Toughness Ranking # 11
  • Hole 9
    Par 5 (537 yards)

    No. 9 is an uphill par 5 that is reachable in two from the front tees. The 9th green is the highest natural land point in Ottawa! When laying up on your second shot, the player is wise to avoid the large bunker protecting the left-hand side of the fairway. The ideal set up is for a 90-100 yards third shot to an elevated green. Large, deep greenside bunkers demand special attention on the approach. In 2017, Brooke Henderson hit this green in 2 shots to make a birdie on her final hole of her second round, which allowed her to make the cut on the number!

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.749
    • Toughness Ranking # 18

Back 9 (West Course)

  • Hole 10
    Par 5 (528 yards)

    The back 9 starts off with a gentle dogleg left par 5 that generally requires a player three shots to hit the green. A long row of well-placed bunkers at 80 yards short of the green protects this multi-level green from being hit in 2 shots by most. Good strategy will leave the player with a third shot from 100 yards. Accuracy on this shot will reward the player with an excellent chance for a birdie.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.854
    • Toughness Ranking # 16
  • Hole 11
    Par 4 (391 yards)

    An accurate tee shot on this hole allows the player to avoid 2 well placed bunkers in their driver landing area and the swale in the right hand rough. Precision on the 2nd shot will avoid 3 large bunkers that protect this green, giving the player another good opportunity for birdie.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.945
    • Toughness Ranking # 13
  • Hole 12
    Par 4 (416 yards)

    No. 12 is a dogleg right and the longest par 4 on the back 9. Players must stay left on their tee shot to miss 3 well-placed bunkers on the right side of the fairway. Successfully navigating these, the player is left with an approach to an elevated green protected by 4 more large bunkers. The green features many sloping areas that make a par on this hole a good score.

    However, if the hole is set up using the forward tees, it will tempt many to go for the green in one!  With the well protected, and undulating green, it will become a question of risk and reward.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score –4.126
    • Toughness Ranking # 9
  • Hole 13
    Par 3 (173 yards)

    This is the Hunt Club’s signature hole. A par 3 from an elevated tee to a green surrounded by water and bunkers. With a hole that always plays into the wind, danger lurks everywhere! The green has many pin-able areas that can help accentuate the hazards on this hole. Members are happy to get a par and move on to the next hole!

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.131
    • Toughness Ranking # 8
  • Hole 14
    Par 4 (410 yards)

    A strong par 4 requiring precision on the player’s drive to avoid the large pond on the left and Pine trees on the right. Missing these, the player is faced with a second shot to a slightly downhill, kidney-shaped green that is well protected by bunkers. Another hole where members welcome par as their score!

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.173
    • Toughness Ranking # 5
  • Hole 15
    Par 3 (163 yards)

    This par three starts the home-stretch loop back to the clubhouse. A straight ahead par 3 that is surrounded by bunkers and Pine trees. The green is very tricky as it provides an optical illusion where the player feels that they are putting uphill, when they are actually putting downhill.

    Birdies For Heart – This hole will once again become the tournament’s official charity hole known as Birdies for Heart. For every birdie made during the CPKC Women’s Open, CP will make a $5,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, the championship’s primary beneficiary.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 3.173
    • Toughness Ranking # 5
  • Hole 16
    Par 4 (387 yards)

    This hole starts with a blind tee shot to a downhill, slight dogleg right par 4. An accurate tee shot will reward the player with an uphill second shot to a green that slants from right to left and from front to back. Pins located at the back of this green make par a good score.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.075
    • Toughness Ranking # 10
  • Hole 17
    Par 3 (155 yards)

    The shortest par 3 on the course and the easiest ranked hole. But  the green features many slopes and challenging pin positions. With the green surrounded by Corporate Suites and The Rink, the electric atmosphere makes this hole more challenging than its ranking and yardage would suggest. Par is a good score here.

    The Rink – Golf meets hockey on this Canadiana hole. Fans will transition from golf claps to banging on boards as they cheer on their favourite LPGA stars coming down the home stretch. Don’t forget to check out the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine.

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 2.925
    • Toughness Ranking # 14
  • Hole 18
    Par 5 (526 yards)

    A good par 5 finishing hole. The hole starts with a drive that must be navigated through a shoot of trees. The player is faced with the choice of going for the green in 2 or laying up short of a large bunker in the player’s landing area. The player’s third shot requires accuracy to an elevated green that features a false front and many slopped areas. Birdies are hoped for, but a par is a welcomed finishing score!

    • 2017 CPWO Average Score – 4.823
    • Toughness Ranking # 17